Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Cave Kayaking
An Extreme Adventure Experience!
This tour is designed not only to provide maximum fun but also to give our guests a lifetime experience of Belize’s historical and natural wonders!
At the beginning of the tour & before leaving the parking lot there is a safety briefing and all equipment will be checked to ensure safety.  Safety information with regards to kayaking, the use of all equipment, and the characteristics of the river is discussed before doing the tour.  At the entrance of the cave, the guide(s) give a brief history of the ancient Maya, as well as facts pertaining to the use of caves and the geology of the area you are about to enter. While kayaking in the river, the guides alternate in front, middle and back of the group for safety. During this tour you have a high chance of seeing some wildlife’s creatures such as tarantula spiders, howler monkeys and different species of birds.There are a series of rapids just inside the cave. When you exit each cave, you will have the chance to see the jungle canopy that surrounds the area and river. 


This will consist of a buffet styled- “Do-It-Yourself-Burrito with homemade flour tortillas, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, cucumber, carrots, cheese, sliced boneless ham, pastrami and condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise and Belizean famous-“Marie Sharp’s” hot sauce. For those guests who are vegetarians (Kindly specify in advance), you can simply skip the meats. Burritos are delicious with just the veggies!


At this point, you will be getting out of the river and getting into another entrance-where you will get back into the cave. This river basically goes underground and under the mountain, leaving no way to get past this point- so the hike is necessary in order to continue the tour.  After the 200 yards portage you have two more caves to go through. And also some open river kayaking enjoying the scenic view as we go along.
Time of exit is estimated at around 1:30-2:00pm. The departure from the parking area is approx 2:30pm.


Participants MUST have an excellent level of physical fitness and should be able to tolerate dark caves and should be able to swim with all safety gear on (especially P.F.D & Helmet.)   


mga arrow Single kayak mga arrow Helmet mga arrow Headlampmga arrow Helmet mga arrow Spare light and batteries mga arrow Type 5 -P.F.D.mga arrow 70 feet throw rope dry bag mga arrow Medical First Aid Kit
**Heavy rains & flooding of the river will cause us to cancel this tour. We can then offer an alternative of the Crystal Cave Expedition in this case since the alternative cave is a dry cave and is therefore unaffected by flooding.

Tour starting at $95.00 USD
Minimum of 2 person