Saturday, 27 December 2014


Belize is full of adventure, mystery and suspense. Amongst the dozens and dozens of activities and fun things to do, Belize can also play host to enthusiastic climbers- ready to summit the country's 2nd tallest but only accessible mountain. Although in recent years, another mountain has been named the tallest point (Doyles Delight), Victoria Peak has long been the backdrop to southern Belize's landscape and giving a beautiful silhouette image from Hopkins, Sittee River and offshore cayes. 

During the yearly dry season in Belize, which runs from February to June, Victoria Peak is open to expeditions of adventurers wanting to get to the top. 

 The treks up to the summit are offered by Maya Guide Adventures for ONLY $750 US pp-min of 5. We choose the dry season to do Victoria Peak because it is the best time in terms of rain and visibility.
This expedition is definitely going to challenge the limits of your physical abilities! It is a 4 days strenuous hike up and down hill.

Victoria Peak Summit!!
 We start hiking from Cockscomb visitors center to km 19  where we camp to start fresh the following day. The jungle is incredibly vibrant and lush in this part with mature forest and massive tropical hardwood, we also cross various streams with fresh water before km 19. The second day is the most challenging but at the same time the most rewarding because we hike strenuously and continuously all the way to the Top of Victoria Peak! Most of the way to the top is about 60 degrees or more incline up. Finally, we hike for 2 more days back to Cockscomb headquarters. 
We provide Hennessy Hammocks for camping but if you feel more comfortable using your one that is just fine. We provide all the necessary climbing​ gears and water purification. 

Here is a list of what you will need:

Long sleeve shirt (preferably quick dry)
Good hiking boots (already broken in, not new)
Insect repellent
Sun screen
Personal toiletries 
Big back pack
Snacks if you like (candy,power bars)
If you have a bladder that can hold 3 liters of water (camel back) + 2 more liters
Thin liners or thin sleeping bag
Extra pairs of socks
Change of clothes

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